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"It wouldn't be normal if we weren't on some crazy adventure!"

And here's my little play-by-play of the newest capsule Monster ep.

So they need to get over a river, but no boats, but luckily Tristan finds a passage under the river and as they're running down it grandpa is all "Wit up! We Motous have short legs!!" XD
Anyway they end up in some ancient graveyard where they get attacked, so they all release their monsters except grandpa who can't release his. Tea has Happy Lover, that makes me squee! X3 Anyway they end up releasing more monsters from capsules in the graveyard, one of them is a Kuriboh! More squeeing! The Kuriboh didn't even do anything though O_o;
So they reach their destination but as soon as they do walls ride up around it, Joey is all "The five of us can easily push this down" so they try and grandpa throws his back out XD

Anyway they check the walls and there is no opening and no way to climb over, Joey gets the great idea to fly over the wall on baby dragon, but there's a force field that knocks him back down to the ground XD
So Grandpa is suddenly able to summon his monster, Summoned Skull and tries to blast down the door but it doesn't work. Then Yugi seems to get an idea what's going on cos there's some design on the door. Apparently the design represents the fortress and the walls surrounding it, the little squares on each corner represents the statues that are on each corner of the wall. Apparently they have to mimic the poses the statues are in so all the corners on the design light up, so Yugi's grandpa and three friends do that and the door opens XD

So Yugi is the only one who can go in since the others can't move, so he runs in then when he steps on part of the floor it disappears and he falls through, while falling Pharaoh switches with him. Now they be in some dark passageway.

Meanwhile Joey cramps up and falls over, the statues then come alive, oh joy~!

Back in the dark passage way the walls start closing in and the Pharaoh is all "Yugi, if you have any ideas now is the time to speak up" XD Then suddenly one of their capsules starts glowing, ah so THAT'S where the Kuriboh went =D So Kuriboh is released and it starts bouncing around, Yugi points up to a capsule which is what Kuriboh is telling them about, the fluffball then hits it's head XD
So Pharaoh makes a leap for the capsule but can't quite reach it, then Kuriboh does something to make them both fly up a little, guess he like, headbutted him or something XD
So the capsule is released, there's a bright shiny light that the Pharaoh and Kuriboh fall into. Low and behold, the Pharaoh wakes up under the arm of the dark magician XD Yugi notes that their friends need help, so Dark magician is able to take out most of the monsters by one attack >>;
Grandpa tries to finish the last one, but the attack also hits his monster as well as the enemy monster.
Anyway walls go down and yugi is back running inside again and he manages to open the tomb just before the sun completely sets. Then the tomb glows and out comes some sorta bling armor! YAY!

Anyway gramps reads the tablet, mentioning something about a true warrior, then the bling armor attaches itself to yugi, Gramps saying it means he's the true warrior, poor Yugi is all "But I'm not a warrior!!"
So with that they all walk towards the now upright glowing tomb, which is now a doorway~!

And so ends another dose of Capsule Monsters crack.
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