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Downloading + Dub!Pokémon + Fanart Project?

I think I'll need this 2MB broadband soon, between all the stuff I'm getting recently (*GX Raw/Dub, Digimon 02/Tamers raws, Pokémon Raws/Sometimes dubs and this new Capsule Monster Yu-Gi-Oh Crack arc*) I may struggle to find time to get a lot of them XD;; This is why I can't keep up with Bleach! ;___;
And yes, we don't have the 2MB broadband yet, my dad e-mailed Wanadoo the other day, apparently they had no "reference" to it so we had to send the request for it again =p So it's another 10 day wait to see if they do it, if they do then I should at least be able to get the direct downloads quicker.

Oh! Oh! I was right! Cartoon Network IS playing the newer Pokémon episodes ahead of Toonami, they played the Munchlax episode today =D James' fake French accent was so amusing and as soon as he started talking in it my mind instantly clicked to a Pokémon dream I had once where James randomly shouted "This makes me want to talk with a REAL French accent!" Yes...he really did say that in a dream I had O_O;
Anyway today Toonami played the Linoone ep which was awesome (*My dad made a random comment about Linoone looking like a vampire cos of it's fangs, I told him if anything Linoone looked more like a Ferret than a vampire >>;*) And the Johto Journeys ep today was "The Little Big Horn" ZOMG! BROCK EPISODE! I forgot how wonderful that episode was, Brock's so awesome and should have more episodes revolving around him ;____; The bit where he stands in front of the so called "Stantler herd" and both Ash and Misty are all "Brock what are you doing!?!" is one of the best parts of the episode.
Also I could make SO many amusing icons out of Brock trying to act like a Stantler, I really could and I probably will :D

Hummm also on my list of not so intresting things to mention, I came across this LJ Community called fanart100, no I'm not joining it, I wouldn't do any art if I felt like I had a deadline or something (*Just look how long it's taking to do my icon claim for Juudai X___x;*) but I was thinking of just taking it on for a personal art project instead, cos ya know, I haven't been drawing much recently and doing it this way I won't have any deadline or feel rushed to finish it ^^
I was thinking of doing Pokémon for the theme and I'm currently trying to work out what I should draw for which theme.
How much betting I get bored of this in a few weeks?
I WAS thinking of doing it multi-fandom, but ya know, Pokémon was pretty much my first anime fandom and it's still one of my strongest fandoms today, plus they're having this whole 10th anniversary thing, aren't they? It's a nice way to celebrate by doing this ^^

I'll report a little on the episode of capsule monsters I'm getting right now once I've seen it ^^
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