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A Whole Lotta Moanin'

So after all the excitement of Capsule Monsters I forgot to complain about something that happened at work yesterday.

Anyone who knows me well knows I really hate people arguing and it's the first time I really ever saw any hostility at work between customers, it was over the most STUPIDEST thing too. Unfortunately I didn't see how it sparked off cos I tend not to notice things around me until it gets to a point where it makes me look up and go "huh?" but it seems there were these two women (*One about late twenties-mid thirties and one in her Forties or fifties*) and they were arguing, shouting over a few checkouts about how one was rude to the other about not saying excuse me to get past them or something @_@ The older woman was at my till and was shouting over it to this woman a few checkouts down, all the while I was kinda sinking my head low just trying to ignore it. Ended with the older woman snapping "Go back to the gutter!!" to which the younger woman replies "You should go back to the gutter!!"
AND THIS goes completely with my rant last week about what the human race could achieve if they were NICER to each other, that my friends, was a completely STUPID and CHILDISH thing for them to argue over.

Then later on I was asked to go in the kiosk again so I told them exactly why I won't go in there, somehow I think I sounded stupid, but I will NOT go in a place where cigarettes are the main thing to be sold. Last night my dad was all "But it's their choice to smoke" but I refuse to sell something like cigarettes as they're horrid HORRID things that kill people, I don't want to have it on my conscience that I helped kill someone even if it's legal... >>;

Tonight I MUST remember to check cartoon network, I honestly think new Pokémon episodes have been playing on that ahead of Toonami, some people in England on the Bulbagarden forum keep posting as if they've seen them, but the last episode I saw play out of the new episodes on Toonami is the first of the 8th gym battle episodes, 2nd should of been yesterday today should be the Linoone ep.
Why can't they just go BACK to Sky One on a Sunday morning!?! I hate not being able to keep track!
Apparently there's three episodes the US are gonna be skipping too, but apparently have shown over here (*The Donphan ep and the two episodes of May's last Contest before the Grand Festival*)

Also it's cold...
Yes I'm moaning a lot XD;;
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