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Lets save the world from the wicked ones!!

Ramble for episode 29 (*DONE AND DUSTED*) and boy did I ramble a lot! Well, until I got to the duel XD

Nightshroud = Chazz simple as that, seems like the same exact voice to me -_-;;

The episode started with Sameshima/Sheppard watching the mysterious shadow in the sky...no Seven Stars in the cave, no lighthouse angst...that sucked XP

There's someting I need to double check though, with the demon/scared beast cards. It seems to me that in the dub you can actually SEE them, quite clearly. My screenshot, taken from the TV raw, they're shrouded much more in darkness. When things like this happen I always double check the japanese DVDs, as sometimes (*For other animes anyway*) animation is changed for the DVD release, if the cards are the same as they are in the TV raw, 4kids seems to of removed some of the darkness to make them much clearer, doubt it's cos of the encode.

That's a job for tomorrow though, right now it's time to sleep.

Oh yes...and describing the "Aniki is not my aniki cos my aniki is my onii-san" scene is hard XD
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