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My Own Little Bubble

*Points to yet another new icon*

Just had to make that one :o
Hinoryu linked me to post in a forum about something in the middle east, me, being the seculded person I am, didn't really understand what the topic was about and why it was so bad. In that same topic someone else wasn't getting it and posted: "I don't know squat about what's going on outside of my own little bubble" That line sounded so like me so I just HAD to icon it. I spend a lot of time ignoring the world so I'm clueless about half the stuff that happens in it XD In fact there's a lot of stuff I SHOULD know that I don't.

It took me ages to find that picture of Mew in a bubble X____x; You'd think it would of been easier.

Talking of Mew, just less than an hour to go and I'll have the subbed Rukario movie YAY!
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