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Take ya Shoes off! XD

Y'know, that's the first time I have ever known work to do security checks at night XD Yeah they've held them during the day but not at night, typical the two doing it (*One of the Night stock manager people and the security Guard*) let me walk straight past them before calling out my name, I looked up at them too as I passed and they looked at me but didn't call me over, I thought they were just doing random Paperwork XD I had to take my shoes off too just to prove I wasn't stashing any money in there *lol*
During this experience though I have learned one thing...
....my bag needs cleaning out, I have too much random crap in there, mostly useless paper LOL

I need to carry on with my Ed and Yugi wallpaper X3

Oh and I managed to get the whole FMA season so far now. YAY ME! XD Just need to burn episodes 21-29 onto disks now.
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