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Money Lecture

So my dad just gave me a huuuuuuge lecture on all the money we're spending a month XD I agreed to pay him the £250 a month in the end cos it's true, I really couldn't find any way to make it any less ^^; But that's all I wanted to know, exactly where all this money was going.
But to save money a bit more I'm just gonna have to do more overtime at work so I'm left with more than just less than £150 a month for myself -_-;; On Monday I'm gonna ask to look at our overtime book, that place always has overtime avalible so I'm sure it shouldn't be hard to work any extra XD

Also my head has been aching all day >>; Shouldn't of stayed up until 4am this morning XD

Need to work on more Pokémon episode guides, I missed one Johto Journeys episodes, so gonna have to keep a look out for a repeat.

Like my new Napoleon icon? =D
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