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Oh look, a post where I moan a lot, yaaaay.....

You know what, I realized today just how much certain things could be avoided or even bettered if the human race wasn't so damn hot-headed.

Just while I was leaving work I decided to get myself something to eat from the bakery. The girl at the bakery served one person before me then turned to serve me, just as she was getting a bag some lady slammed something down and stormed off. The poor girl at the bakery, she really freaked out and was really worried. Ya see she thought the lady had come after me and I, myself, hadn't noticed this lady. So if she was there before me and wanted SERVING before me, whatever happened to politely saying "Excuse me, I was next" I would of apologized and stepped aside to let her go first, but no, she decided to storm off, making both me and the bakery girl feel guilty over it. I had to try and clam her down cos she seemed so worried, so if the lady complained I feel bad I'm not there to back the bakery girl up -_-;;

Then when I got home, my dad started moaning about money again, so I ended up bad timing a challenge about how much I'm paying him for board/rent/whatever. Ya see from March he'll be charging me £250 a MONTH which is about £100 more than what my mum is charging my brother. Everyone who I've happened to tell when it came up in conversations or asked about it and their reply is all the same:
"That's a bit much"
So naturally I got a bit concerned over this because my dad will be taking over HALF of my monthly wages (*I get paid about £400 a month if not a little less for the normal hours I work, so this is not including overtime*) so as you can see I'll be barely saving ANY money.
So I wanted my dad to tell me EXACTLY where the money was going and what did he do?
Get in a bad mood, start ranting and raving how if it's "going to be like this he'll sell the house and move the Sheffield" and basically just not want to LISTEN to me. All I wanted to know is if he actually worked out how much I should give him for each thing a month, like the bills and what not, but he just didn't want to know.

I dunno, this just seems so fishy to me, cos SO many people have said to me that it's too much and I shouldn't let him charge me that much, and then there's the fact that my mum has pretty much the same bills and she's on less money than my dad apparently, so why is it that she seems to be coping fine and not worrying where my dad is "I don't know how I'll cope" EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

He just moans and moans and moans and moans and MOANS AND MOANS AND that's ALL he knows how to do, is moan and complain and worry and get pissed off.
I'm just worried he's over-charging me cos he's too worried about money...that's all...

If we just sat down, talked it through and worked it out I'd be happier but he just doesn't want to know... -_-;; It's basically a "It's my way or no way" situation with him....seriously...
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