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I just saw the tracklist for the GX Sound Duel CD and it has FOURTY-NINE tracks! FOURTY-NINE! Eeee~! And from the rough translation that has been provided it seems most of the main characters get their own themes.
I can't wait to get this CD!! X3333

Ah, I must remember to order the next Pokémon Chronicles DVD when it's released next week. I might have to get it from play.com cos amazon.co.uk don't have it listed yet O_o;

And I've calmed down a bit from last night, that was some scary stuff, I kinda didn't go to bed until about 3am XD;; Did some crappy Pokémon sketches though and played on my Fire Red game a bit, almost completed the rocket hideout in Celadon on that.
I still can't believe my dad slept through it....I could hear it through my headphones >>;;
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