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Apparently the 5th Digimon season may be called Digimon Savers, and one of the Digimon is called Peckmon.
It also may be a Tamers continuation due to there apparnetly being a continuation story to Tamers with the same name. Though that's only speculation.
I got most of this info from browisng the WtW Forums, I just felt like posting it here so I can fangirl gush over it =D
I wouldn't mind a tamers continuation actually cos I love Tamers, but hey, it's been years since Frontier ended, I'd be happy for anything right about now X333
Whatever this season is about I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't waaaait~~~~!

I can feel the Digimon love growing once again!! *Grabs Digimon love* I thought I'd lost it forever!

I shouldn't post things after 1am :D

So much for that new Years Resolution too I guess XD Think I managed it for like a week.
Okay, bed for me!!
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