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Don't Touch That 'Dile!

3 Hours after the ep finished, the guide and screenshots for "Don't Touch that 'Dile" are DONE! :D Damn! Feels good to be able to replace the crappy rushed guides I did for this season which were full of too many annoying fangirl rambles XD I can also do Professor Elms character profile too =D *Will get right on with that*

Edit: Also I hope we're upgraded to this 2MB connection soon, cos there's a lotta good DVD raws of Adventure 02/Tamers begining released that I can take awesome colourful screenshots from (*My dub tamers encodes are pretty dull in colour*) but on my conenction now it takes me about two hours to get each episode.
Talking of screenshots I took some from the first 02 episode the other day X3
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