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Deja Vu.....?

Have any of you ever had a dream in which the place you was in, in it, seemed so familiar as if you'd been there before either in Real Life or in another dream you had before?
I've been getting those dreams a lot over the last few months, including one I had just last night...walking along some country road, a road I felt was familiar but even though I knew the way to where ever we were going my dad and brother decided to cut across a field and I was like "ARGH! If the farmer catches us he'll get his pitchfork out!" Heh....yeah...
The rest was about being in a house and having the beyblade kids playing in the backyard... they've been getting in my dreams a bit lately too... last time they were skateboarding and beyblading at the same time O_o;;
After that we were out in the fields again with all these caravans....

Another two dreams I can think of which seemed familiar was one in which I was stood in a very small shop and one out once again in some fields but different ones, with a dirt road instead of a concrete one...
...I have had many more besides this but can't remember

Is there a reason these spark off some deja vu in my mind? Or is it just couincidence...
....I guess we shall never know *shrugs*

Hummm...I'm off to download some more naruto Manga now while I work on PDU's new splash page... which looked batter on paper but never mind ^_^;;
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