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Bit o' this and a Bit o' that

So today I capped about 5 Pokémon episodes; Pokéstock, Block and Berry, Lessons in Lilycove, Judgement Day, Where's Armaldo and A Cacturne for the Worse. These are shots I'll most likely be re-doing once I get the episodes on DVD, despite the image on my TV card being fine, the shots don't come out too well and I haven't yet found any options to mess around with for the screen captures :/

Also today I saved pretty much all my Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes and Pokémon episodes to disks, freeing up some space on my computer :3

Been trying to finish the Adventure 02 download I've had going for a while now, I almost have it, episodes 1-10 (*minus 4*) One of the episodes has completed downloading but when I played it I got no sound, picture is fine, but seems I might need an audio codec to play the sound, might need to ask and see what audio codec I'll need.
Anyway taking a break from downloading those while I get the Pokémon Snorunt dub episode. Eee! The Max and Ralts one is next week! So can't wait to see the dub of that <3

Other than that, been a fairly boring day =p
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