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Trying to work but...

Well I was kinda hoping to get a LOT done with the episode guide on PDU today, but getting up late, going later into town that I thought (*My dad takes forever to get ready... ¬¬;*) and also now my dad wants to fix my printer which refuses to print, but it does need fixing, kinda annoying not having it working.
Well at least I managed to get about 6 episodes of Advanced Challenge all done and up ^^
Also uploaded now are the episode lists for Advanced Battle, Master Quest and the Movies (*I wasn't exactly sure how to number Mewtwo Returns since I actually don't count it as a movie but a special, but now all the other specials have been released as a seperate series XD*)

Well while my dad is messing about with the printer, I might draw up an "On Hiatus" sign for PDU and maybe finally put all my pictures on my dad's computer to disk so I can put them on this computer ^^

I just hope my dad doesn't take too long "trying" to see what's up with this printer....he has a habit of taking longer with things than he really should...
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