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Phone, Hamster and a sick Pikachu?

You know I love this new phone my dad got the other week. It has caller display so now we know when those annoying sales calls are phoning us >D So thus we don't answer them! Muwhahahaha! To bad the phone with caller display is downstairs as usually I'm upstairs when the phone rings so I answer by the upstairs phone XD

My poor hamster, she's looking so old, she's even struggling to walk now. Last night I was a bit worried cos over the last week she hasn't really been excepting any food that I offer her from my hand, so to test she was still eating I gave her a lettuce leaf, she always eats lettuce and other foods like that straight away, luckily when she woke up she's started nibbling at it ^^
Though I'll be suprised if I still have her by the end of this month, she's looking really tired and is struggling to do a lot of stuff. I think the reason she's been sleeping in the corner a lot is cos she's been struggling to get up to the top deck of her cage. Usually she climbs up the bars, she struggled with that the last time I saw her do it, I had to help her up. She struggled up the tubes too :/
It's amazing how fast shes degraded over the last few months, which just shows you how fast a hamster can age.

Edit: Also apparently, according to a thread on the Bulbagarden forums, Pikachu's VA, Ikue Ohtani, is ill and has taken sick leave from the show. Nobody knows yet whether they'll get a VA to replace her while she's gone or just re-use clips. Re-using clips probably seems like the best idea for them to do actually.
Here's hoping Ikue Ohtani gets well soon though ^^
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