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My Imagination can be a curse X3

*lol* Setting big art projects is probably one of the sillest things I could do but I love setting them for myself for some odd reason...
...this fanart project consists of a picture which includes characters of the animes I'm currently obsessed with at the moment, those being:

Hikaru no Go
Fruits Basket

The picture is going to be based on the begining of the newest opening of Naruto where the characters are in little panals...
- Yugi and Ed are in panal one (*Mainly cos I'm sure Yugi must be a tad smaller in height to Ed and Ed is always getting teased about his height in FMA so I think him looking cocky stood beside Yugi would be very good*)
- Brock and Ash are in panal 2
- Shikamaru and Hinata in panal 3
- Kouji and Kouichi in the 4th panal (*Holding hands if I can manage to do that X3*)
- Panal 5 has Pikachu, Kuriboh and Salamon LOL
- Orochimaru and Yami Marik in panal 6 (*Both put together because of their shared obsession to do distrubing things with their tounges... no don't think dirty thoughts here you perverts! XD*)
- Panal 7 is a close up of Kai's face LOL
- Panal 8 Bakura gets all to himself :p
- Panal 9 has a pissed Hikaru and a happy looking Sai (*I love Happy looking Sai*)
- Panal 10 has Yuki from Fruits Basket

Hehehe yeah I'm strange X3
Still I have a lot to do tomorrow so I might not be able to get started on it straight away O_o; But I gotta make sure I do Nicole's request this week too ^^
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