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My hamster sleeps a lot :/

Ya know, I'll be suprised if I still have my hamster in a few months time :/ Over the last few months she's gradually gotten more and more slow and tired to the point where she sleeps almost ALL the time now, even at night when she should be active. Granted she's over two years old now so it's to be expected, but experience I've had from my other hamsters I know they don't last long once they reach this stage, a few months at the most.
Poor thing, I didn't want to wake her up but I had to clean her out, she started chattering at me, wanting to stay asleep :/ Then when I finally got her in the ball (*Took me quite a while to do that*) all she did was fall alseep in it, last time I cleaned her out she was running around a bit and looked much more alert.
Her eyes looked a little gundged up too, her left eye especially :/

Anyway work wise, ended up that I DO have tomorrow off work, gonna spend it doing housework, work on PDU, taking the Christmas decorations in my room down (*Which i haven't gotten round to yet X__x;*) And I want to make a hair appointment too, we'll see about that though.
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