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Clipshow with a side of crack!

Episode 66?
The clips were boring, but the scenes in between were funny! XD Juudai was mistaking SAL for all of his friends, so they were acting/talking like a monkey! Well...all except Kaiser...apparently he's too cool to do that even in Juudai's hallutinations >>;
Took a bucket load of water thrown over Juudai's to wake him up, then Juudai eats the bananas SAL placed on his head for some reason, he then almost choked on them cos he ate them too fast~! Haha!
Takes only a few bananas for him to be back to his old sell, dancing like a ballerina too which was...weird XD Then he's off back in search of the school, not noticing that it was JUST IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHERE HE WAS GOING! Dude...even the "Duel Academy" arrow sign sweatdropped and I don't blame it O_o;

Now I've got to keep him wandering around the forest for another week in the RP >>; Ah well~!

So yeah...only download if you wanna see those few crack scenes, the rest was quite boring XP
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