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Chiiiisakiiii Monoooooo....~!

I wonder why my dad is in such a bad mood THIS time...blah annoying, he's barely talked to me since getting home which usually means he's in a pissed off mood... wonder if it's cos I didn't wash those few pots on the side, but I didn't really have time not with going to the charity shop and all.

Talking of the charity shop I REALLY had my work cut out for me there today, one of the ladies is off for three weeks so I get to be the till lady XD And MAN some old people are annoying sometimes ^^; This one woman really got on my nerves, she wanted this childrens book but it's like get 7 for 50p and I'm not allowed to sell anything for under 50p it's been like that since the store became a "discount store" we can't sell anything under 50p or anything over £3... finally she got some other books but kept moaping on how she didn't need them O_o; Blah! Then it didn't help that another lady at that same time found something on the shelf soemone had labeled as 20p >_< so I had to let this other woman have it at that price but juust told her to put the money in the collection box instead since I can't put it through the till X_x; Meeep!
Yes I had to play bad guy today X3 It felt like it anyway but rules are rules...

Man I need to clean the hamster out and I need to write a letter to a friend of mine, it's her birthday on the 7th of May and I REALLY need to get the card sent off O_o; Doesn't help that the last time she wrote to me she was somewhere out in the Caribbean doing drug busts so dunno if it'll get to her ^^; I've already got her card to me, not opening it until the 3rd like she wrote on the back of the enverlope ^^

Okay what to do now... think I might try and see if I can get anywhere on yet another idea for an anime crossover fan manga....starts with a funeral....how happy is that? XD I managed to make it dramatic looking through for the first page so I'm happy :p just need to colour it and put the writing on *lol* I'm no good with manking mangas though :p

What do ya know? I made an entry that wasn't directly related to anime for once *shrugs* Miracles DO happen XD
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