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Magical Day Off?

Ya know, I went to look at my working times for this week for some unexplainable reason (*I already knew them*) and I noticed my shift for Friday is crossed out. Does this mean I have a magical day off? :o I asked the supervisor on today but she had no clue, so I have to ask one of the checkout managers, I'm hoping one of them is in tomorrow X_x; Usually one or the other is in.

So today I think I'll probably break my resolution by staying up a little later than I have been, I can wait to watch GX tomorrow (*Saiyaman released it YAY! I've nearly got it ^^*) But I've only just eaten, I was starving when I came home, so I don't exactly feel like sleeping right now XD;; So might as well watch GX then go to bed.
I heard GX was just like we thought anyway, a clip show, but it sounds like a clip show with healthy doses of crack in between! Whoooo!! :D
I heard Juudai is still lost in the forest by the end of the episode... damn...I was hoping he'd find his way by the end of it >>; There's only so many things he can write about while lost in the forest, makes updating his RP journal hard XD
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