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I don't feel lazy! :D

I've started re-doing the fanpages for PDU O___O Just sorting them out with a better coloured layout (*Now it's blue instead of Blue and PINK*) Just started on the "A" letter artists. The artist pages are going to be similar to how I've done the art on my art site, the thumbnails will be smaller and be greyed out, cos it looks cool that way =D

Fanfics, when I get round to them, will be listed alphabeticlly by writer and also be listed alphabeticlly by title. Some of the stories that are unfinsihed and have been for a looooooooong time maybe taken off just to tidy up a bit.

Made a page for Digimon episode guides and I've gotten up to episode 14 in Pokémon Advanced all re-done with more screenshots and stuff :3

And I managed to get to bed last night just before 12am AND I got up at about 8.15am :D YAY!

Oh and I was thinking I'll be deleting PDU tonight quite possibly and just putting up an hiatus sign. This will allow me to work on the main part of the site with the new layout which I need to start on practising ^^

I'm actually getting stuff DONE! YAAAY!
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