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Blah, I was hoping to go into town today but as usual my dad appears to be in a super pissed off mood >>; Gah! He's been such a morbid ass, everyone agrees with me too XD
Anyway if I can't get into town today there's always tomorrow.

I still need to watch the new GX episode that I spent until 5AM downloading, some people were getting super high speeds on it and mine was trailing along at 15-20kb/s and too close to 5 hours to get >>; I wasn't risking not getting it since Saiyaman isn't releasing RAWS for two weeks ^^;
Anyway I kinda dozed off for half of it and played on my fire red game for the other half. I'm in Celedon now =D My team now consists of: Juudai the Charmeleon, Fubuki the Pidgeotto, Kohara the Vileplume, Thunder the Raichu, Motegi the Eevee and Junko the Butterfree. Yes, I decided to replace Asuka the Rattata with the Eevee cos Eevees rock and I was kinda tired having to stop Asuka from evolving cos Raticates are ugly XD

Ah well =p
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