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Stuff I want to do.

Things I hope to do in the next few days:

Get my dad to finally install my TV Card (*And encode a Pokémon episode for Ryo_Hakkai if possible, sorry that Christmas distracted me from that ^^;*)
Send off Digimon movies to Aris

Both I wanted to do before Christmas but never got round to *nods* I'll bug my dad about the TV Card tomorrow. Might be able to send those movies off tomorrow too Aris =3 Ooooh~~! And Aris, if you keep me updated with your address I might be able to send you the 5th Digimon season when it starts ^^ I'm sure someone will encode it =D
I need to put up some more screenshots for Pokémopolis as well, they're already up to the second Advanced episode :o I have episodes 7-9 all capped now anyway.

Ya know, when I came out of work today (*Seems we shut at 6pm not 5pm :/*) it started snowing and it looked so pretty ^^ I love the look of untouched snow~~! Then once we got home I started making footprints in the back garden and threw snow balls at the wall of the garage. I love snow! Best thing about winter that! :D
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