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WTF!?! 5th Digimon Season?

There's a 5th Digimon Season!!!11!

Just typical they announce that a few weeks after I announce I wanna close PDU, ey? Unsure whether I should go back on that desicion or not now and instead just give the site a bit of a overhaul...after all...now we have something NEW.
Buuut, I'm lazy and I just don't update the site, mainly it's the fanfics and fanart that gets to me cos I just don't have the urge to check my mails often >>;
Hummmm...well this puts a crazy twist on things XD
Luna...if I keep PDU, would you be willing to help me with that? Especially with the fan sections? Help with the fansections was what I needed, you could design a new layout for PDU instead?

Togepi doesn't know what to do~! :o
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