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Pokémon Goodies~~!

The newest Pokémon episode AND the 8th Movie "Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Rukario" out on Bit Torrent on the same day!? I'm spoiled for choice here :oo I'll get the episode first then the movie, I can't wait for this movie X3

Oh and at work today I was chatted up by a six year old XD He was all "Mummy, don't you think this lady look beautiful with that on her head" (*Meaning my antlers XD*) Then he said "I wish this lady could be my girlfriend" XD That was so adorable~!
Heh, apparently they're doing fancy dress tomorrow, nice to know less than a day before, ey? *lol* I should suggest next year they annoucne it in the checkout newsletter a few weeks before so everyone can take part.
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