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Textless 2nd OP/ED coming at some point XD

I practised doing the whole turning the DVD files into .avi's again XD This computer should with stand it unlike my last computer. This computer actually has more than one fan in it to keep it cool XD
Anyway I can confirm that the 3rd Duel box has the textless 2nd OP/ED so over the next few days I'll try and get them encoded to the best quality I can :3 But it might not be until around Christmas when I get them up cos work is busy and such =p I'll try and aim for Christmas eve at the earliest ^^

Taking of work, I think these next few days are gonna be hell there (*Actually it's been hell already XD Some days I walk into complete chaos*) but on Monday it was still busy at around 8pm and it's usually dead by then. It didn't go dead until 9pm :/

Hummm, now the GX Manga has been fully translated, I think I'll have to work on a little ramble for it for my GX Ramble site~! XD
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