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It Came!

Well guess what turned up 15 minutes before I was due to leave for work earlier XD Parcel Force sure know how to leave it to the last minute, ey? XD Lotsa Misawa, Chronos and Daitokuji love in this~! I'll get these scanned in and up as soon as I can :3 Most likely they'll be up tomorrow sometime ^^ (*I seriously need to research the names of the monsters used by all three of them, I look at half of them and I'm like "I can't remember their names" X___x;*)
I pre ordered the GX OST as well, so some scans may come from that when I get it at the end of next month (*I'll at least scan the track titles so someone can translate them*) Also, if no one has gotten any up by the time I get my copy, MP3s will also be made :3
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