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The parcel is GONE!

I have such an awesome mum. I called her about the parcel again and she came around and came down with me to the flat again to see if we could have anymore luck giving the parcel to it's rightful owner, but no one answered again, not at any of the numbers we rang. So I decided we should send it back, problem is that the only way to send it back seemed to be to have it picked up by a curior >>; So my mum rung the freephone number in the hopes to talk to someone about this and see if we could send it through the post, the number was answered only by an automated messgae >>; And my mum acctidently arranged for them to pick up the parcel from THEIR address, this was cos it was all automated and cos we had given the refrence number to the certian parcel they obviously knew where it was supposed to be delivered.
SO in the end we had to ring the enquiry phone number, again it was automated but luckily my mum managed to get through to someone to explain the situation, after a few times explaining it they put her through to another person who then told us what to do, as luck had it in the end we could send it through the post so my mum has gone to do that ^^
The place it was ordered from are gonna contact the person who it was for and tell him about it.

I get into some really stupid messes sometimes, ey? >>;
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