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On Duels and Parcels

WOW! I just watched episode 27 of dub!GX and I was pretty impressed by it :D Definitely one of the best ones that I've seen so far. In fact I barely mentioned anything at all, there were only a few teeny tiny cuts, and I think I mentioned some dialog stuff (*It really is too bad I can't comment on dialog more, I only know about what I've read about :/ Most of the time I can only really comment on where there is talking when it was silent in the original, at least i can pick out cut scenes well :D*)
But yep, I was very impressed :3

Anyway parcel updates now:
The one I accidentally accepted is still here and I think I'll phone my mum up later and ask for her to come down with me to try a third time for someone in those flats to accept this damn parcel. I looked at where it came from today on the label and it's something someone has ordered off an online shop, I'm not having my dad just throw it away, it's unfair! I think if the people in those flats are just too ignorant to answer us then I'll send the parcel back to where it came from with a note explaining what happened, unless I can get the main post office in town to take it but I doubt that. I could inquire there first though.

Anyway update on my Duel Box, I can now get into the tracking but the tracking thing hasn't changed since last night. I'm hoping it'll change again by at least tonight. I have a feeling this will spite me and come on Tuesday next week or something >/ On a day I can't be in to accept it.
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