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Can This Day End Now?

Well this day just keeps getting better. My brother came around to scan some things and all was well up until a few minutes before he left and put a CD into one of the computers drives which already HAD a CD in it and he didn't freakin LOOK. He claimed he thought he opened the top CD drive which he had just copied a CD on but it just bugged me he just wasn't looking what he was doing and it only annoyed me cos the other CD in the drive was one of my GX ones >_<;; Luckily it probably would of been his CD that got most of the damage (*Peh, he claimed you can't damage CDs that way >>; Yeah right...*) Mine has a scratch on it, only a small one, hopefully it hasn't buggered up the CD, shouldn't of X___X; Those cost too much money to damage >>;;;

And to top that off the internet decided to crap out on me while my brother was scanning stuff resulting in me losing the Doctor Who episode Mage was sending me >>;

Today, apparently hasn't been my day.
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