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Well that's just great... :/

*Dad comes home and I listen out as he makes an exclaimation with a swear word, thinking he saw my decorations I come downstairs.*
Me: - So you like my decorations then? *Notices the room light isn't even on, so I go into the dining room*
Dad: - What's that doing there? *Points to the parcel*
Me: - Well the delivery man said it was for next door...
Dad: - *Doesn't let me finish* No it isn't!
Me: - So that's what you were shouting at?
Dad: - No, I was shouting about that! *Points to the pile of bed sheets I had taken downstaris today because I had changed my bedsheets today, plus taken down what worn clothes I had up there* How am I supposed to get that all washed and dry?
Me: - *Eventually explains the whole situation with the parcel, dad eventually walks towards the living room* Ah...now you're gonna have a third reason to hate me...
Dad: - What!? *Switches light on as I follow* Well you can get all these down! >/ *Turns to my picture* What's that supposed to be?
Me: An evil laugh, with an evil smilie wearing a santa's hat.
Dad: - *Just shoves it into my hands*
Me - Why do you have to be so morbid? You don't see the fun in this at all!
Dad: - No, I don't.

So now my dad doesn't hate me for the one reason I had planned he would (*The decorations*) but now it's because I wear clothes, changed the bedsheets and excepted a parcel for down the road by acctident...
...wonderful... :/
Heh, apparnetly even he's tried to take the parcel down there now and apparnetly even though all the lights are on, nobody is answering...he says if it's here by when he gets home by tomorrow he's gonna throw it in the bin...

Remind me why I chose to live with my dad again...?
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