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Mistaken Package

So about 15 minutes ago I hear a knock on the door, it's some delivery guy who wanted me to hold a parcel for next door. Fair enough, i signed for it and took it...
...only to find it's not a parcel for next door but the flats down the STREET! >_<;; Gah! Everybody mistakes our houses for those flats address wise, I feel sorry for the people living in them cos all their stuff must get delivered to our street >>;
So now we have to give a parcel, not to my next door neighbour who we know enough to say "hi" too...but a complete stranger...living IN the flats...
...the flats tend to have a reputation for being where the drug addicts are... >>;; Or at least that's the impression I get...Plus when I was little they always smelled funny, really musty like >>; I ain't gonna deliver this thing on my own *Drags dad with her*
Talking of dad, he's not home yet :/

EDIT: My mum just came around for my work times during Christmas and offered to take the package down for me XD

EDIT 2: Nope, package is back, my mum says there was no one in :/
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