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So much Anime, so Little Time XD

I've been doing nothing but downloading FMA all day XD I want to make sure I get all episodes up to episode 22 before seeders thin out on the torrent site I'm using so far I have the first 6 episodes and I'm getting the 7th now ^^
So there's another anime for you which I wasn't sure I'd like but ended up getting obsessed with ^^; But the story of the Elric brothers is so intresting and it's quite a unique story and now I've seen the first 3 episodes I'm starting to understand the whole thing with the Alchemy a bit better. Alchemists can only make something out of something with equal value and if you don't then you get punished for it or something like that ^^; Tis an intresting story though....and the music is growing on me a lot, when I heard the second opening (*Which was the first bit of FMA music I ever heard*) I didn't like it all that much but after listening to it for a while it grew on me terribly :p
Man I still got a lot to download and it's already half seven in the evening XD I might not end up getting all the episodes depending on how fast seeders will thin out on it ^^;

I managed to get Naruto episode 80 today too, man that was SO SAD! A lot of the episode took place during the funeral for the 3rd Hokage and when they were placing little flowers down for him and were having flashbacks of him that really got me, the sad music didn't help XD But the flashbacks were kinda sweet, it showed a few of the Genins when they were just children, Chibi Shikamaru and Chibi Choji getting chased by the 3rd was quite amusing and chibi pouty Sasuke was just adorable ^^ The scenes with Chibi Sakura and Ino was also very very sweet, picking flowers for the Hokage.
But now comes the episodes with Itachi, Sasuke's evil older brother X3 Eeee! This is gonna be good!

And YAY! I started on one of my DA art requests, I doodled Latias and Latios while watching Spirited Away earlier *lol* Oh yeah and for those who didn't read my comments on my last entry my manga and DVDs came about an hour after posting that entry XD I'm so impatiant....need to read the manga, although at first glance the Tamers manga seems to have that "Rushed" feel that the 02 manga did....within the first bit they don't explain how Takato even got his digivice I don't think he just....happens to have it... I'll read it properly cos I was only glancing at it and I might of missed something :p
Glanced through my Yu-Gi-Oh mangas too...YAY Evil Mokuba is in it X3

Oh! Oh! And I managed to get Pokémon AG episode 72 last night XD Ash and James VS May and Jesse, that was BOUND to make some crazy insanity and it sure did X3 It was hillarious to see them all argue amongst each other and Ash and James were doing really good against Jesse and May before Jesse decided to cheat and bring out an extra Pokémon *lol*
Wobbuffet copying Brock's moves was funny too XD
Need to make screenshots for the site ^^
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