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Christmas Icons~!

I made some Pokémon Christmas icons for myself :3 I like this one of Pikachu with the sack full of toys and a candy cane the best. Also have Latias with a reef, Azurill with a Pikachu snowmon *sniggers* and another Pikachu which I found on google, looking like a plushie of some sort of Pikachu with a Santa's hat holding a star :3
I need to work on tidying this bedroom tomorrow >>; It's not much work at all really it IS fairly tidy, I can have fun putting up Christams decorations afterwards :3
And I might wrap tinsel around the legs of the ironing board downstaris, my dad is being a scrooge and won't put up a tree, he was like that LAST year too >>;; In fact this year it's pretty much just me and mum having Christmas dinner together at her house, my dad is just all "Why bother..." :/

Someone whack my dad around the head for me >_< He's just being an ass!
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