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Busy day!

So today an Indian palm reader came into the charity shop and wanted to read my palm for £10 XD I told him that I wasn't intrested and that I was busy, but he then he started rambling on (*I really find it hard to understand a strong Indian accent >>;*) but I think he told me that I think too much...
...well...I didn't need a psychic palm reader to tell me that XD
In the end I just told him I wasn't intrested, he then pointed to the door leading into the back room wondering if the others were intrested, but I knew none of them would be so after I said they wouldn't be he left.

Anyway I got photos done for my ID card today, also sent off the cheque for AmeCon AND I finally sent your present off Aura :3 Wheee~! It was a busy day for me today.
When I came home I checked up on the status of the 3rd Duel box, it's in shipping process right now so should get sent off soon :3
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