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Finally the AmeCon site actually opened up the registrations, so I registered. Gonna send the cheque off tomorrow :3

Oh well next thing on my list is to get an ID for the place, I have the form, just need to get some photos and get someone at work to fill in the other part :/ I'll tackle them about it on a late night next week maybe :3 IF I can get those photos done :/
I also need to think up a cosplay or something, I really would love to go as maybe a member of Team Aqua, I was thinking of Juudai but I doubt that'll happen, coat is too complicated, in fact it's all too complicated XD Times like this I wish I had l33t textile skillz but I failed textiles at school XD;; Hummm I'll keep an eye out at the charity shop for anything cosplayable :/ I think a Team Aqua member is a good idea, just need to find trousers and a bandana that are similar in colour, gotta somehow get the pattern onto both too.

Oh well, I have 8 months XD;;
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