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1. My username is _____ because _____.
2. My journal is titled _____ because _____.
3. My subtitle is _____ because _____.
4. My friends page is called _____ because _____.
5. My default userpic is _____ because _____.

1. My user name is PDUTogepi because Togepi is one of my favoruite Pokémon and the name I'm reconized by, the PDU part stands for my sites name "Pokémon Digimon United"
2. My journal is titled -- Osiris Red -- Togepi's Journal V.4 because it's red themed with Juudai on it, also it's the 4th layout I've had since having this journal ;D
3. My subtitle is nothing at all because I was too lazy to give it a subtitle?
4. My Friends page is called Fellow Osiris Red Students because it fits with my Osiris Red layout. HA you're all in osiris Red~! XD
5. My default userpic is May's Squirtle because May's Squirtle rocks, it's such a little preformer~!

Ya know, I checked my work times for the week after Christmas and they had put me down for working a Tuesday >P I NEVER work Tuesdays and that's why I started going to the charity shop on that day. Well I'm unsure if the Charity shop will even be open, but I'll tell them I can't come in that day anyway, I don't mind working it as long as they don't make a habit out of giving me extra hours that day.
Talking of work, today was boring XP Although it made an intresting change being off the checkouts most of the time (*I wasn't out on the shop floor for more than a minute before one of the managers snagged me to work on the wines aisle instead*) but that aisle can get so boring after you've been on it a while, especially when you have to dress it (*Pull everything forward on the shelves to make them look full XD*)
When you've got one and a half aisles to dress, as well as about 4 aisle ends, all by yourself it does get rather tiring XD Takes me hours to do it aswell, ESPECIALLY the beer, cos that's too heavy ;__;
Just two more days to work then it's three days of staying in and waiting to see if the GX Box set comes (*I'm hoping it'll come by at least next Saturday*)

Ooooh~! And I watched the newest Pokémon episode, the one which intoduces us to Pokémon Rangers. Next episode is about NINJAS!! (*Well they're in or near Fushia City and you CAN'T go to Fushia without coming in contact with Ninjas! :D*) This also appears to be the episode Brock gets Bonsly, that appears to be a little cry baby XD
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