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Stuff :o

I didn't end up going into town, got up late and just couldn't be bothered XD;;

I did cap all three episodes of the Grand Festival though! :D And I worked on a few icons for my Juudai claim~! (*Which I really need to get up at some point*) I was thinking of doing either Harley or Max for my next claim once I finally finish Juudai XD Harley will be slightly more of a challenge since he appears in less episodes than Max, but he has quite a wide range of emotions XD I've already capped a number of episodes he's in now, both Saffron contest episodes, all three Grand Festival episodes, just need to cap "A Cacturne for the worst" and also mid-January he stars in another contest episode :3 Wheeee~~! Harrrrrley-saaaaan~~!

Ooooh~! And I found out last night that Toonami in the UK will be airing the Johto Journies episodes from January~! That's awesome cos then I can get screencaps from that :D
I can only hope Toonami has stopped that pointless way of announcing competitions or whatever during episodes by then, the announcement takes up half the screen >>;
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