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Episode Guides~! w00t!


This is where the Pokémon episode guides from my site will now be hosted, I decided it should be put at a sub-domain as there are a lot of files that will be going here and it'll be easier to keep track of. Mostly it'll be linked on the new Pokémon site once it's up. So far only the Advanced Button works and I've gotten up the first 4 episodes in the new guide format. My earlier episode guides just sucked :/ I'm glad I write them with more information now *lol*

Also right now I'm trying to download the whole of the Orange Islands season, mainly for screenshots, but I may need to re-do the guides for those, the guides for the earlier seasons that I did were pretty short :/

Things I need to do tomorrow: Tidy my room a bit, post off Aura's present.
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