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Where are my Mangas? *sulks*

My order from amazon seems to be taking it's sweet time in getting here -_-;; I want my mangas and DVDs!!! I wonder when my Naruto game will show up aswell...I ordered that from somewhere else so I'm unsure of the way their deliver and such ^^;
Talking of Mangas, Amazon has Naruto volume 3 in stock now :p Typical!

w00t! My birthday is less than 2 weeks away! I'll be the big 21 this year....man I'm old XD I'm gonna be going to Leeds for my birthday and I'm hopefully gonna go and buy a Gamecube :D YAYness!

Right I need to go finish off the housework now and maybe download some more Hikaru no Go episodes while I'm doing the rest of the images for the PDU message board :p
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