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Meme Fun Time~!

Take the first sentence or two from the first post of each month. Pass it on.

Jan - Blah, I get up, I check DA for any messages for the lineart of my new picture and what do you know, DA is being an ass and not working

Feb - Ya know, last night I had the most bizarrest Yu-Gi-Oh GX dream about episodes 18-19 XD

Mar - Just posting the final lineart to my pretty picture of Asuka and Ryou:

April - Well, I never did get round to sorting out my computer XD *Yawns* Oh well...
....here's a pretty picture of Max with a Tokomon :D

May - Woah, I just updated PDU, that's always a suprise, huh? XD

June - Okay... seems like I was wrong in my guess and it's not my allergy to dust playing up like I thought it was. I still feel stuffed up this morning and my head hurts, my throat hurts, my ears hurt, my throat is dry too...

July - Tried the Repair install, eveything seemed fine, I even seemed to understand a little of what I was doing, but then I found out....that my computer resets on exactly the same spot of the repair install....

Aug - Today I cleaned up the whole of the dining room/kitchen! HA! TAKE THAT PROCRASTINATION!

Sep - Ah Manjoume~! Gotta love that you are the butt of much crack! :3

Oct - Quite a bit of that was right I think :/
I made a pretty Ed Phoenix icon for myself XD

Nov - Release date for the third GX Box set: 14th of December
Togepi is so going to pre-order that tomorrow! :D

Dec - Somebody please tell Manjoume that he looks better in dark colours :D
Also somebody please tell Saiou that his taste in ties is quite horrid :D

*Looks at Nov Result* Wheeee~! That's coming next week :D Hopefully anyway *lol*
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