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Dolphins and Dandelions

Juudai's pink dolphin and his little Dandelion are so cute :D They both kinda quivered in fear at the robot alien's monster and that just made me want to hug them~! XD
Not that much more to the Juudai flashback unfortunantly, just a scene where he's watching Kaiba's announcement which Kaiba ended with an evil laugh for some reason, oh and Mokuba was there too, which is his first appearance in GX but since it was in a flashback he was no older than he was in the last series XD

What suprised me was that Juudai is back on the island again now, I was under the impression he'd be missing for longer than that, so he's just going to be wandering the island for the next 4 episodes? :/

The begining of the episode was cool too. Poor Asuka, you gotta feel sorry for her, next too Shou and Tyranno arguing between each other and Manjoume going crazy and climbing up to the Osiris Red rooftop (*And then almost falling off it*) she's pretty much the most sane there XD;;

Anyway I uploaded a few shots at my photobucket account, not much really, didn't really have the time to upload anymore ^^;
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