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Lost Child?

I almost had to deal with my first lost child at work today :o While collecting up the baskets a little boy, about 3 or 4 years old, came up to me and asked me "Have you seen my daddy?" I was like "Oh crap he's lost his dad". I noticed the secruity guard was walking towards us so I told him and he told me to take the boy down to customer service (*This would be so we can put a call out for his dad*) He was so adorable and when I walked off he took hold of my hand and everything, he wasn't shy at all, which partly scares me too seeing as he was taking the hand without question of a total stranger, granted I work there and you can tell cos we have bright orange fleeces, but still.

Anyway I told the boy I was going to take him to someone who will find his dad for him and led him off, it was then as I was passing the checkouts a woman who was going through one called out to me and said the boy was hers *lol* Turns out his mother was in the store too and the boy was just running around looking for his dad XD So I let him go to his mother and the boy continued to run off in search for his dad, this thing that worries me was that she was letting him run around the store :/ She shouted him but it's not like she told him to stay put really or chased after him, most other parents of lively kids like that makes them sit still.
Later on after I finished the baskets I spotted the boy talking to another member of staff XD Not sure what he was saying to her but he soon ran off to his parents and I told the other staff member he was talking too that he asked me about his dad earlier XD;; He was certinly a lively, talkative little thing, that I can say *lol*

Anyway I'm downloading episode 62 of GX, I can't wait to see it :3 Should have it in about half an hour~!
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