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Updates Here, Updates There~~!

Argh! I was brave and actually uploaded my Daitokuji drabble to the ff.net :o Took me a while cos I needed to agree to this that and the other and had to read through what the raitings meant cos the last time I actually uploaded something there, they were still using the movie method of raiting XD;;
Lets see how many people like it and how many people think it's a pile of crap XD I tried my best with it anyway~!

For those who didn't read it when I posted it in my journal a while ago my ff.net account is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/96831/ don't read my other stories, most of them are crack filled anyway XD

Anyway I also finished my Harley picture: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26094440/

Aaaaand I moved TigerTen to my own server, it's still at the same address as before: http://tigerten.pdunited.co.uk if if you go and look and notice anything like pages that don't work or pictures not showing, please tell me, i don't trust my FTP program 100% XD;;

Now it's off to bed for me~~!
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