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Well that's pretty much my Christmas shopping over with XD I managed to get something for Helen so that's good, didn't take me all to long to find something too which is a relief, damn place was crowded, but it could of been worse. I got your present too Aura :D I'll send that off soon, hopefully Tuesday cos that's one of the few times I can actually get into town now :o

I got some more Pokémon cards too while I was in Toys R Us :3 Got more pretty pictures to add to my collection, whooo~!

Got to play a bit more on Pokémon XD today as well~! Today I got to try and attract wild Pokémon by placing snacks for them <3 So far I've caught a Hoppip and a Zubat that way and ya gotta laugh at the old lady with the greedy little Munchlax *lol* I also now know how to work the purifing chamber~!
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