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Yami Marik just gets weirder and weirder...

Yeah this mornings new Pokémon and Yugioh episodes were quite hillarious XD

Pokémon took place in a gold mine and Ash thought it would be a good idea if they went in and scared Corphish claiming that it might calm it down...how he came to that conclusion I have no idea, didn't work anyway, when it found out the so called "Ghost" which was trying to scare it was actually May and Max the Pokémon got pissed and attacked them, then was pissy with Ash for the rest of the episode XD

James also called Jesse "Sweetheart" XD Although I think anyone would call her that if she picked up a rocket bomb and was about to throw it LOL

As for Yugioh....Yami Marik had a lover's tiff with the Millennium Rod XD He started to shout at it asking it why it was serving other people, then demanded it to show him the vision it showed Yami and Seto then got annoyed with it and threw it to the ground like a little baby throwing a tantrum XD That was really very amusing!
Just so happens that the rod fell at the feet of Tea who was being controlled by the good Marik buuut he didn't get to keep the rod for long XD
Then Yami vowed to Isis that he will save Marik from....himself... *giggles* that line was just weird XD
Marik has the weirdest case of Multiple personality disorder ever!

Anyway work was intresting, the guy I work with every other sunday is really very whiney -_-;; Someone wanted him to put the wine boxes on the floor where they should go onto the shelf and then I was supposed to just empty the boxes and put it on the shelf but he started maoning about how he wasn't going to do all the "Donkey work" *sighs* why it was such a big deal I don't know, he went to the manager about it and everything XD
Later on he said to me (*Kinda like a joke*): "You might be running this department soon"
I really hope not... O_o; *dies* It's like he's the most senior member of our department and the other full time person who worked on their left to work on the frozen foods O_O Blah...
I wonder who I'll be working with tomorrow, cos the person who left to work on frozen foods usually work with me on a Monday...
....my monday shift is gonna be long I think -_-;;

Okay gotta go finish a drawing and update PDU with something later on ^_^
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