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Pokémon Stuffs~!

While getting some Doctor Who Episodes off mage_power I've been working on capping episodes 3 and 4 of Pokémon Advanced. I needed to get these done as I promised I'd put some up on my site so one of the Dodgemasters at Pokémopolis could look through them so they can choose which ones to use for their episode guides :3 They were finding it hard to find good early Advanced episodes and since I knew I was getting the first box set I told them I'd do some shots for them, so after I finish saving episode 4 (*I decided to re-do the shots for that one since my previous ones weren't all that good*) I can put some up for them for episodes 1-6 :3

Also earlier before work I started on a new design for "Revival"'s episode guide (*Yeah, Luna suggested Revival might be a good name for the new Pokémon site and I liked the sound of it ^^*) The entire guide will have a purple coloured theme simply because the colour-coding didn't really look to great to me, plus some of the backgrounds may of proven difficult to read on, at least one person told me they found it hard to read on the red background, so the background is a purple gradient, I made new buttons too and they look all glowy and stuff :3 I'm gonna start coverting the Advanced guides first, since we have all but one guide for that.

You know, at work one of the new starters we have there is a right little talker, honestly he's the type that just doesn't shut up XD He can get a bit much sometimes, but it is nice to have someone who will talk to me a lot XD I've probably talked to him more than anybody else I work with there XD I'm a person who often needs someone else to start off conversations so talking to him is pretty easy and we've had quite lengthy discussions. Today we ended up having discussions on how I despise Alcohol and cigarettes, and like any young lad, he didn't understand why I hate alcohol XD;;
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