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Site Plans, The Begining

So tomorrow, I plan to announce it tomorrow, I feel so bad about feeling the need to close it, especially since I hadn't put a lot of stuff up but I was failing on the fanside of the site anyway. Digimon has very little intrest for me anymore, not as much as it had, and I feel my site can't live without that. But my intrest in Pokémon is still strong, I plan to open up a Pokémon site, although smaller than PDU, it will hopefully have a lot of intresting things. I'm currnetly not planning a fanside for the site, it'll just be general information, for now, possibly forever, who knows.

I need to think up a unique name for it X___x; I also need to go through the episode guides, make them neater, add more info and pictures (*If I have them*), my large card scans archive will be moving over to there as well and the pictures will be listed in alphabetical order of the Pokémon's name rather than by type, cos a lot of Pokémon obviously have more than one type, ESPECIALLY in the card game.
My GX scans are gonna be moved over to the GX site :3
I'm gonna make myself a proper e-mail address too as my hotmail one gets flooded with spam these days :/ Just gotta make sure not to open any spam mails in my domain e-mail cos last time I did that, it flooded THAT with spam and I had to delete it eventually XP

So PDU will have it's 5th birthday (*On the 10th of Dec*), last until sometime in Janurary and then I'll put the site on hiatus until I can get up the new Pokémon site. I need to move TigerTen over to it at some point too :D

I apologize to those who really really love the site, but it's not fair to keep it up if I really don't feel like updating it anymore :/ I'm hoping this change may just spark my intrest up a bit more in updating a site :3

In the end I hope to end up with a small gate way to many things:
- TigerTen
- The Pokémon Site
- The GX Site
- The Message Board
- The Oekaki Boards

Any suggestions for the name of the new Pokémon site are welcome XD I was thinking of calling it "Revive" beause I'm trying to revive my intrest in running a site AND it's an item in the Pokémon games :D MetalRhynomon suggested "Revelation" so those are the two suggestions so far :)

The alien dolphin episode is next week :o
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