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Maybe by The Weekend?

Well I saw my brother about the laptop and I'm hoping to have it by the weekend, but knowing my brother that might not happen cos I asked him to wipe the entire thing for me and my brother is lazy when it comes to doing things for others, especially me. But hopefully I'll have it soon and it can serve as a nice screenshot center for region 1 DVDs :3

In other news my mum took another look at my thumb and poked it again with the needle XP We don't think it's something that's still in it from last time, in all honesty we should of gotten that out the first time, we think it may of been a slight infection or something :/ Hope it clears up this time, whatever it is.

Right now at the Charity Shop we have a 17-year-old lad there who is an utter and complete prat, seriously, the type that doesn't want to do work and who likes to annoy everyone, inlcuding me >P Though I notice it's prats like him that make my sarcastic side come out which doesn't tend to appear much due to my shyness XD
He really is annoying though, very annoying >>;

Oh well back to Pokémon screenshots, YAY! :D
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