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Screenshot Solution?

Okay so while continuing to take shots from Pokémon episodes after I got home from work (*A Poached Ego is such an awesome episode X3*) I came up with a hopefully good idea to my screenshot DVD region problem. You see, my brother recently bought a new laptop and I expressed intrest in buying his old one cheap from him, if I do that I'm hoping to use that for my region 1 screenshots :D
Problem is the laptop itself has broken twice already :/ Though he has had it a while I think and it's just come back from repair. My dad apparnetly says my brother was trying to give it him for free, that little... >/ I shall mention that to him XP

But either way I think it's a good idea as long as my brother's laptop can take playing DVDs better than my dad's computer can :/
So yeah, need to talk to my brother about that.

And just an edit to say that after capping episode 5 of Advanced before work earlier it reminded me just how awesome May was when she was a newbie Pokémon trainer.

"That Zigzagoon evolved into a human!!"

"Torchic! Start attacking!!!"

Good times~! :D
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